Female to Male Transgender Surgery Costs

Our Drug Lawsuit Source Transgender Surgery Cost Infographic lists the costs of the individual surgeries most commonly used for female-to-male gender transformation.

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These costs were taken from a number of different sources, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

The highest expenses are for the penile implant-hydraulic ($12,600) and phalloplasty ($12,500*).

*There are additional surgery options for the phalloplasty, or construction of the penis, that can increase the cost of the procedure.

There are also additional costs for anesthesia services, hospitalization, and medications, too. Total transformation can easily cost in excess of $100,000.00 in the United States.

Each surgery comes with risks of potential complications that can lead to additional medical treatment and care. These costs are not included in the infographic and can be significant. And, of course, there are no full satisfaction guarantees with any procedure.

In addition to the surgical procedures, there are other expenses involved in the sex change process.  These include laser hair removal, voice training, psychosocial counseling, and beauty products. In addition, there is the expense of hormonal therapy.

Hormonal therapy has its own potential drug complications, including increasing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems. Other drugs have their own side effects and complications.

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Infographic on the Cost of female to male Transgender Surgery

Drug Lawsuit Source

Drug Lawsuit Source