Student Scholarships

Drug Lawsuit Source is thrilled to offer two annual scholarships to assist students attending college across the United States. These scholarships were established in 2015 and are focused solely on tuition and other school-related expenses for colleges and universities:

  • College Scholarships – this scholarship was created as part of our commitment to helping students in need of financial assistance achieve their academic and professional dreams. We award $1,000 to one student who best exemplifies determination and perseverance to succeed in their academic endeavors.
  • Single Parent Scholarship – this scholarship was created to help ease some of the financial burdens of single-parent families who are in pursuit of higher education. We award $1,000 to a single parent who is helping raise at least once child who best exemplifies perseverance and the importance of education.

Drug Lawsuit Source recognizes that the rising cost of higher education has become increasingly more difficult to manage, and student loan debt is at an all-time high. To be eligible for either scholarship, students must either be currently attending, or will be attending, an accredited college, university or trade school.

Winners of these scholarships will be mailed a check payable to the recipient’s institution. IRS regulations must be followed regarding the submission of receipts by the scholarship winner.

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