Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Remanded

MADISON, Neb. — One of the multiple talcum powder lawsuits that are currently pending has been remanded back to Madison County by a U.S. District Judge after she found that the plaintiff was able to name both Johnson & Johnson and Walgreens as defendants in the lawsuit.

This lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson advertised their talcum powder product to women specifically as a personal hygiene product and that, as a result of using the talcum powder for feminine hygiene purposes for over 30 years, the plaintiff developed ovarian cancer.

The lawsuit also alleges that Walgreens knew or should have known about the risk of the talcum powder causing ovarian cancer, but they still sold it. J&J’s attorneys had challenged the plaintiff also naming Walgreens in the lawsuit by claiming that the plaintiff had only brought Walgreens into the lawsuit so that they could file the case in federal court instead of state court.

Besides this case, there are currently over 100 talcum powder lawsuits pending against Johnson & Johnson. Although they do not all also name Walgreens, they do allege that using talcum powder on their genitalia for hygiene purposes resulted in them developing cancer.

The lawsuits also allege that J&J knew – or should have known — about the serious health risks of using talcum powder but that they still promoted and even advertised their talcum powder for use as a feminine hygiene agent.

There is also some evidence to support both a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer and the allegation that Johnson & Johnson should have been aware of this risk.

There have been multiple studies published since the early 1980s that warn of a connection between the vaginal application of talcum powder and the eventual development of cancer.

Although there have been multiple studies published with similar results, these studies were mostly limited to the medical community and were not widely covered in the media, so it was not easy for unknowing consumers to be aware of the risks before they became diagnosed with cancer. Despite the mounting lawsuits and despite the medical research, J&J has stated that they continue to dispute that there is causation in these cases.

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