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Hip replacement devices are prosthetic components that replace the damaged bone and cartilage in the hip joint. Hip replacement surgery is recommended when hip pain is consistent even while resting, limits everyday activity, and other treatments like medication and therapy have not relieved the pain.

Zimmer, Inc. produces a variety of hip implant devices. Some of these devices have proved to cause serious complications in patients, and have therefore been recalled from the market.

The Zimmer Durom Cup is one such device that was recalled in early 2008. The design of the Durom Cup has led to severe pain for patients, as well as complete device failure. If you have experienced adverse effects, contact a Zimmer lawyer to demand justice from the manufacturers.

Zimmer Durom Cup

The Durom Acetabular Component, commonly known as the Durom Cup, was a synthetic replacement for a natural acetabulum to be used as part of a total hip replacement. Manufactured by Zimmer Holdings, the Durom Cup was unique in two ways. First, it was made from just one single piece of material. Second, it was made from forged metal instead of the cast metal used by traditional hip implants.

The forged metal was later recalled after being linked to complications when used with the Durom Cup. The Durom Cup itself was discontinued in 2010.

Reported Complications

The Zimmer Durom Cup is known to cause many complications as it is prone to early failure. These complications include:

  • Loosening of the device
  • Severe hip pain
  • Necessary revision surgery

Other complications of hip replacement devices include infection, metallosis, avascular necrosis, and osteolysis.

Have Zimmer Hip Replacement Devices Been Recalled?

After receiving numerous reports of device failure, Zimmer investigated the issue and discovered that the typical surgical techniques for hip replacement were not compatible with the Durom Cup. They suspended all sales of the product until they could provide better surgical instructions.

The FDA put out a Class 2 Device Recall for the Durom Cup stating that Zimmer’s labeling was false and misleading.

The Durom Cup was approved by the FDA in 2006, but within a year there were reports of patients having complications. Zimmer determined that the problems were occurring because the typical hip implant surgical procedures were not effective for the Durom Cup.

Zimmer recalled the Durom Cup briefly in order to provide better instructions to surgeons. After updating the product labeling and creating surgical training resources, Zimmer returned the Durom Cup to the market. However, patients continued to suffer serious complications from the device.

As a result, Zimmer discontinued the Durom Cup in 2010. Thousands of people have filed lawsuits against Zimmer for complications experienced from the Durom Cup, and litigation is still underway. To learn more about a lawsuit against Zimmer, contact a knowledgeable lawyer today.

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