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Bard IVC filters are some of the most used IVC filters by physicians for stopping blood clots in patients who are unable to take traditional blood-thinning medication.

Unfortunately, the Bard systems have been linked to high rates of device fracture as well as high rates of device migration. When filters break or migrate, there is a risk for severe internal injuries to take place, such as perforation of the inferior vena cava, or damage to other organs in the area. If you have been harmed by one of these devices, contact our Bard lawyers to discuss your legal rights and options.

Background on Bard Denali® Vena Cava Filters

The Bard Denali® Vena Cava Filter is touted as a “completely redesigned” IVC filter with “advanced filter technology to prevent movement, tilt, and penetration” however, multiple reports have suggested that these devices are prone to failure because of faulty manufacturing.

Major complications caused by IVC filters include filter fracture, filter migration and perforation of the vena cava; all of which can lead to serious health concerns that require immediately medical attention. The Bard Denali® Vena Cava Filter’s official brochure mentions many of these complications, however, these filters are still being placed in patients today. To learn more about your rights for filing a lawsuit against Bard, contact our experienced lawyers today to discuss your case.

Eclipse Vena Cava Filters

The Bard Eclipse Vena Cava Filter has been cancelled with production and distribution in the United States no longer occurring. The filter was designed with twelve wires serving as two levels of filtration in addition to the main support. However, due to faulty manufacturing, the device was reported to routinely fail.

The Bard Meridian Vena Cava Filter is no longer actively manufactured or distributed in the United States. However, those who were previously implanted with this model and who currently are still face serious health risks. The filter, while designed to remain rigid and stable once implanted, frequently faced reports that it was prone to failure stemming from its faulty manufacturing.

Bard G2 Vena Cava Filters

The Bard G2 Vena Cava Filter is no longer produced or distributed in the United States. The G2 was designed to be a permanent filter, outfitted with various features to retain stability and durability once delivered. These features included elastic hooks and a spline cap to resist migration and leg entanglement. However, even with these features, the filter was still reported to be prone to failure.

According to Bard’s official website, the G2X filter is no longer being manufactured or distributed in the United States. The filter was designed to act as a permanent filter with twelve nitinol wires forming two levels of filtration and added stability. Multiple reports regarding the device soon indicated that it was prone to failure due to faulty manufacturing.

Our Bard Attorneys Can Help You Demand Justice

We are currently pursuing lawsuits against Bard for the following IVC filter systems:

  • Bard G2
  • Bard G2X
  • Bard Eclipse
  • Bard Denali®
  • Bard Meridian

Bard also manufactured the Recovery IVC filter in 2003, but it was “silently recalled” by the company in 2005, just before they received approval for the G2.

If you or a loved one have had any of these Bard models installed, and subsequently suffered serious complications, we encourage you to contact our Bard lawyers for help. You may be able to file a lawsuit against Bard to receive compensation for injuries that you suffered. There are many complications that IVC filter systems have been known to cause. These complications include:

  • Vena cava perforation
  • Filter fracture
  • Filter migration
  • Filter tilting
  • Filter breaking
  • Death
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