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Levaquin (levofloxacin) is a member of antibiotic drug class known as fluoroquinolones. The drug was developed by Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceutica and received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1996 as a drug to combat a large range of bacterial infections.

However, following suit with other fluoroquinolones, studies conducted over the next decade discovered that Levaquin use was frequently associated with the development of several health complications ranging from aortic aneurysms to peripheral neuropathy.

These side effects have become so prominent that medical professionals have begun treating Levaquin as a last resort drug – only using it on patients who have exhausted all other medical options and are in dire need. However, while the medical community has adjusted its view of Levaquin, Johnson & Johnson still stands by their drug and refuses to admit that the negative side effects of Levaquin use may frequently outweigh the benefits. Our Levaquin lawyers can help you file a claim if you have suffered after taking this drug.

Will Levaquin Face A Recall From The FDA Or Johnson & Johnson?

Fluoroquinolones have been top selling antibiotics for over 50 years but have only seen extensive studies regarding their dangers published in the last two decades. Their prominence in modern medicine in addition to their effectiveness where other antibiotics may fail makes it extremely unlikely that a drug recall will be issued by either able party.

The FDA has issued several severe warnings, even going as far as telling medical professionals to only use Levaquin as a last resort for patients. Currently, it appears that those efforts are as far as the FDA will be willing to go. While it is impossible to determine with certainty, the rare nature of an FDA drug recall as well as the steps already taken means it will likely not happen in the future.

Why Should Someone Pursue A Dangerous Drug Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson?

Consumers who were prescribed Levaquin and subjected to major undisclosed health risks will always have the ability to investigate their eligibility to file a lawsuit. However, for a wide variety of reasons, victims often do not come forward to pursue justice against a neglectful drug manufacturer.

The varying reasons that are cited cover fears ranging from further financial ruin to being unable to focus on their personal health recovery. With our legal team being driven by our clients best interests, it has become our goal to quell as many victim fears as possible. After discussion within our legal team, we have determined what we believe to be the top reasons for all potential Levaquin victims to come forward and file a lawsuit with the help of our lawyers.

1. Johnson & Johnson Was Neglectful With Levaquin: With studies and FDA reports reporting connections between Levaquin and various health complications, allegations that Johnson & Johnson either hid information regarding or failed to test Levaquin health risks are growing. This neglect has led to thousands of consumers to be unnecessarily subjected to health complications.

2. No-Fee Guarantee: Too many victims never come forward because they worry that an unsuccessful lawsuit could result in further ruin of their finances. Victims should never let those fears get in the way of seeking justice, so our legal team guarantees all our clients that they will never be charged any fee unless they win a financial settlement.

3. Disastrous Levaquin Health Effects On Victims: No matter the health complication suffered, victims of Levaquin health complications must face physical, emotional, and mental pain as they fight for their recovery. A Levaquin settlement will not heal these injuries but it gives our clients the ability to focus on their recovery without needing to worry about deteriorating financial abilities.

4. Ability To Recover Financial Compensation: Levaquin health complication recovery is often an expensive endeavor. Proper recovery may require hospital stays, medication, and missing of work among other costs. A settlement can offset all these costs for our clients, you shouldn’t need to pay for the neglect of a drug manufacturer.

5. Skill Of Legal Network: Our legal network has developed the skills over 50 years of filing dangerous drug lawsuits to ease the burden levied on our clients. Our clients don’t need to worry about being unable to sacrifice the time and effort needed to file a lawsuit because our legal team handles the process every step of the way.

Should I Contact a Levaquin Attorney?


Defendants in Levaquin dangerous drug lawsuits can pursue consolidation under multidistrict litigation if it is decided that it provides a greater chance at being awarded a settlement than a standard lawsuit.

To learn more about your eligibility for a claim, seek the services of our Levaquin lawyers today.

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