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Prilosec (omeprazole) is a medication used to treat frequent heartburn. Introduced in 1989, Prilosec was the first proton pump inhibitor (PPI) approved by the FDA. Unlike other acid reflux drugs, Prilosec and other PPI medications are not intended for immediately relief of symptoms. Instead, they are designed to be taken daily to relieve symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition marked by frequent and painful acid indigestion.

Prilosec is produced by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, the same company that created Prilosec’s successor, Nexium. Throughout the 1990s, the drug was an extremely popular option for people suffering from chronic heartburn. In 2001, the year before the original patent for the drug expired, Prilosec posted global sales of $5.6 billion. That same year, AstraZeneca introduced Nexium to combat the potential hit to market share Prilosec would take after generics were introduced. Since then, Prilosec sales have sharply decreased, posting sales figures less than $500 million for the first time in 2013. Nexium, however, has dominated PPI sales worldwide.

After generic versions of omeprazole became available, Prilosec announced the first over-the-counter PPI medication, Prilosec OTC. This version of Prilosec became available to anyone without a prescription who suffered from chronic heartburn. Since its introduction, several other non-prescription PPIs have hit the market. A Prilosec lawyer can help you gather evidence and file a claim if you have suffered a worsened medical condition after taking omeprazole.

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