Kolleen McWilliams Named 2017 Drug Lawsuit Source College Scholarship Winner

SOUTHFIELD, MI — Drug Lawsuit Source is pleased to announce Kolleen McWilliams as the recipient of the 2017 Drug Lawsuit Source College Fund Scholarship.Kolleen McWilliams, woman with brown hair smiling in white coat

Established in 2015, the Drug Lawsuit Source College Fund Scholarship offers $1,000 to one student each year who best exemplifies determination and perseverance to succeed in their academic endeavors.

This year’s scholarship recipient certainly possesses those qualities.

Kolleen McWilliams is currently attending pharmacy school at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and upon graduation plans to work in a retail setting or an insurance company creating formularies.

She also has a strong passion to help underserved communities that may not have the means to visit healthcare professionals and rarely receive the annual checkups that many often take for granted.

“During my second year of school, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Upon reflection, my diagnosis made me even more adamant about helping those who usually do not seek help until a serious problem emerges,” McWilliams said. “My cancer was found because of a routine yearly wellness checkup, and it was very treatable because I was diagnosed at an early stage.”

According to McWilliams, the underserved communities can be vastly benefited by obtaining knowledge from pharmacists as they are some of the country’s most accessible healthcare providers.

“I am extremely grateful to be this year’s scholarship recipient,” McWilliams said. “The funds will ease my financial burden and help me to become a competent pharmacist who can work to improve patients’ quality of life.”

Each year, the Drug Lawsuit Source College Fund Scholarship is available to one student who best displays determination and perseverance, much like McWilliams, in their academic endeavors. The student must be enrolled in an accredited college, university, junior college; a high school senior enrolled in summer or fall classes; or attend a trade school in the United States.

The deadline to apply for the 2017 Drug Lawsuit Source College Fund Scholarship was Nov. 1, 2017. Details for the 2018 scholarship will be posted in the near future on www.druglawsuitsource.com.

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